How do i make a purchase ?

Answer : You must create and account and input all the required information.

What type of payments do you take ?

Answer : All our payments are taken through paypal.

Is there a way to purchase a CD instead of a download ?

Answer : Yes once you click on an item you will see the Media Type Selection Box choose the CD option.

What if i can't find the recording i want online ?

Answer : If you can't find your recording you want you can call us toll free at 844-4-HOPE2GO and place a phone order.

I lost my confirmation email with my download link how can i access my download ?

Answer : You log in with your username and go to the MY Account Box scroll to My Downloadable Products and select the link you want to download.

How do i get in touch with you to record an event ?

Answer : Scroll down to the bottom of our website and click on the Contact Us Section and fill out the required information. Or call us toll-free at 844-4-HOPE2GO

How come my download doesn't play on my phone ?

Answer : Some phones do not have the flash player installed to allow for the download to be played. Shoot us and email and we will send a new link that will work 

I have a coupon code but in won't work. What should i do ?

Answer : Coupon Codes sometimes have certain rules that need to be met such as you can only use once, or it only applies when you purchase more that 6 products. If you think its an error just send us and email in our Contact Us section and we will look into it