About us

Mission - Narcotics Anonymous Meetings NY

I started the company on blind faith. I had 4 months clean and had lost my licencse due to the wreckage of my past. I was a mechanic by trade so losing my licencse meant losing my profession. I didnt know how i would survive so i continued to make meetings. I went to an event in Western Massachusetts and heard a speaker share about how he lost his profession based on his situation and he said his answer was to work for the fellowship he served in for the last 20 years. I never got his name but that meeting gave me some hope and i went home did some research and found out what i needed to do but i didnt have money. I sold my truck and put the money towards buying recording equipment after sharing with a few friends. When it arrived i had no idea how to use it so i made my homegroup. When i got out i had missed calls when i called everyone back they asked me if i wanted to tape my first event. I was scared and didnt know what i was doing but they told me they believed in me. They told me the event was in New York(Harlem). They gave me a guys name to ask for once i got there. I showed up in NY and ask for the guy and they pointed me to a guy folding t-shirts. I went over and tapped him on the shoulder and when he turned around i almost couldnt believe it. The guy who i heard share in Western Massachusetts who gave me the hope to start the business was the same guy who i was taping my first event for...... and Hope 2 Go Recording was born...... We are now recording events around the country and have expanded to become the largest 12 Step recording company on the East Coast. We can duplicate 180 CD's every 3 minutes on one of our 18 CD Duplicators. We can handle any size event from 100 to 30,000 people. If your hoping for the best give us a call at 844-4-HOPE2GO